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Batch4: Mobile Distribution II

What if they live on the streets? In the attempt to slow down the spread of COVID-19, we were told to stay home as much as possible. But how about the homeless? Those who are already considered the poorest of the poor even before this pandemic started. This global dilemma has turned their daily struggles worse a hundred folds. Besides a wall and roof to keep them dry and warm, they have to worry about food and water, not just for themselves but for their family.

As Manila deals with the government quarantine orders, 1in3out’s monthly donation distribution was put on hold due to an inter-city traveling suspension. With the success of our first Mobile Distribution last January, we decided to hit areas within the city to visit some of the homeless. With us are the usual bags of clothes, donated by our friends back in California. We also included 100 meal packs and bottled water. That’s at least one meal they don’t have to worry about for that day.

We all have our struggles dealing with this global pandemic. But let’s not forget those who are less-fortunate who have life worse than most of us. Every country has their own homeless problem. Things are bad in a third-world country. Things are worse in the Philippines.

THANK YOU to all those who donated for this Batch. The clothing you gave us reached their intended destination: to the hands of those who really need them. The donations are appreciated. You are appreciated. Thank you for helping us help them!

*The first Mobile Distribution took place right after the Batch2 Distribution and we decided to just add the visuals in that page. Click HERE to go to that page.

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