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Sponsor A Box

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Shipping 6 boxes a month is no easy task. It's NOT FREE either. And as much as we are willing  to pay for the monthly shipping cost ourselves, it would be nice to get some monetary help to make things easier for our pockets. For only $70, which is an exclusive savings deal we got from Universal Cargo, we are to label a box under your name, family or group. We can provide a photo of the box and receipt as proof of shipping transaction. Your box will make it's way to our distribution site and its contents will reach the hands of a thankful Filipino who will send you their very own Thank You message. Each box can hold an average of 300 pieces of clothing, imagine how many people you will be helping. This is a chance for those who cannot drop off their donations in any of our drop-off sites but still interested in helping our cause. Sponsor by yourself, or collect for a group. Get your family involved, or bring your co-workers together. Sponsor a box, or two or more! Larger donation amount is also accepted. Connect with us if you're interested in sponsoring a box, or for other questions and inquiries. Salamat!


Scan the Venmo code to sponsor!



Here are some of our donation recipients sending their thanks to our sponsors:

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