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Help Us Help Them

As with many Filipinos who immigrated to the United States for a better life, Frances Ocampo Santiago rarely threw away anything she thought would still be beneficial back in the Philippines. Known as “Mama Bibit,” she would gather used clothes from friends and families, and ship them back home in Pampanga. Or bring them home herself in one of her frequent trips between the two countries. 


Several times a year, Mama Bibit would invite some of the less-fortunate people of her town to her house and distribute what she has collected. She would provide food and drinks, basic necessities and even school supplies for kids. Christmas, New Year, or town fiesta, she adds more reason for her town to celebrate with the help she provided. 



1in3out is based off this family tradition passed onto us by Mama Bibit. We upgraded her idealism by using social media to connect with kind-hearted donors and sponsors, and distribute goods or host a feeding event once or twice a month in different towns.. 


“Help Us Help Them” is more than our organization slogan. It’s a plea to anyone who can provide any kind of help in fulfilling Mama Bibit’s goal of making a difference in people’s lives. Let’s all help her help them.


1in3out is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization based in Orange, CA USA with members in Quezon City, Philippines. We also have affiliates in select cities in Southern California that can coordinate with donors. From our base of operations in Orange, we have received donations from as far as Australia. The majority of our donations are from Los Angeles and Orange County, known to have the biggest concentration of Filipinos living outside of the Philippines.

1in3out is not affiliated with any local government organization. No politics. No red tape. No corruption. We trek to the distribution sites and hand these donations ourselves. What you donate is what we hand out. We will provide 100% transparency on how we conduct business. Every action is documented through photos and videos that we will try to post in our network, including "shoutouts" to our donors. Even receipts are available upon request.


We are a Non-Profit Organization with EIN 86-2282905. A copy of the IRS' Letter of Determination is available upon request. We can provide donation receipts for tax deduction purposes upon meeting donation threshold.

We are more than happy to share information on how you can help our cause and how to give us donations. We would love to talk. Connect with us! 

2024 Platinum Seal.png

We are proud to announce that we've earned the Platinum Transparency seal by Candid, the highest level bestowed for an organization's commitment to transparency.

The Team

We are always welcoming new members who share the same passion as we do. Connect with us on how you can help and be part of our team.

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