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Batch2: Mandaluyong

1in3out’s Batch2 has taken us from the small town of Sitio Ibayo to the urban landscape of Mandaluyong, a neighboring city east of Manila. Twice a month, the Union Church of Manila Philippines Foundation, Inc. welcomes select underprivileged families to their feeding outreach as part of their Child Education and Nutrition Enhancement Program. Despite the limited accessibility due to the pandemic, we were invited to take part in this month’s distribution in one of the three cities hosting the program. While UCMPFI handed the families bags of food, we gave them bags of clothes donated by our friends back in the US. We can sense their appreciation as their smiles pierce through their masks, as we try to make them feel hopeful that things will get better. We would like to thank all the donors from the US who provided us close to 2000 pieces of clothing for Batch2. Thank you to UCMPFI for getting us involved with their program. Three more batches are on their way in the next couple of months. We are about to ship Batch6, and are now collecting donations for Batch7. We also have our Sponsor A Box initiative. Connect with us if interested in helping. Salamat!

***EDIT: We have some left-over bags of donations from the Batch3 Distribution so we handed them all to some of Mandaluyong's street sweepers we saw on our way home. Added the video below. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to read more about this bonus outreach.

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