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How to Help

Sponsor A Box

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Shipping 6 boxes a month is no easy task. It's NOT FREE either. And as much as we are willing  to pay for the monthly shipping cost ourselves, it would be nice to get some monetary help to make things easier for our pockets. For only $70, which is an exclusive savings deal we got from Universal Cargo, we are to label a box under your name, family or group. We can provide a photo of the box and receipt as proof of shipping transaction. Your box will make it's way to our distribution site and its contents will reach the hands of a thankful Filipino who will send you their very own Thank You message. Each box can hold an average of 300 pieces of clothing, imagine how many people you will be helping. 

100 Meals for 100 Kids


Besides distributing the usual goods and groceries, we’ve added a feeding initiative to our monthly community outreach. We can provide ONE person a traditional Filipino meal consisting of ONE cup of rice, side dish or “ulam,” and a bottled water or juice box. All served on a meal container or paper plate plus utensils. It’s an initiative we started early in 2022, and have successfully fed 100 person at a time for $100. That’s $1 per person! But to get the best cost and value, we have to spend $100 through local resources in the Philippines. This project relies heavily on the up-to-date Dollar to Peso currency exchange (As off 3.20.23: $1 to P54.72). We can stretch that dollar to its full potential!

100 Kilos of Rice  for 100 Families


Rice has been the staple food in the Philippines for as long as any Filipino could remember. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, any meal is not complete unless served with rice. Following the success of our last 100for100 initiative, our latest will provide 100 families each with 1 kilo of rice. That’s enough for at least 2 servings for a family of 4. That’s $1 per family! But to get the best cost and value, we have to buy $100 worth of rice through local resources in the Philippines. This project relies heavily on the up-to-date Dollar to Peso currency exchange (As off 4.17.23: $1 to P56.10). We can stretch that dollar to its full potential.

100 Pair of Slippers for 100 Kids


Fashion or function, a pair of slippers (or tsinelas) is a basic piece of clothing for any Filipino in the Philippines. With some ingenuity, anyone can make them last for a long time. Fairly cheap and sold all over the country. Yet the poor, the homeless and even some of the natives within the mountains are still lacking this basic necessity. A bulk purchase of 100 pairs for $100 will provide those less-fortunate a pair they desperately need. Message us and start saving those feet!

100 Bags of Groceries for 100 Families

For as low as $2 per family, we can bulk purchase some canned goods, ramen, coffee powder, chocolate or milk powder, candies, hygienic items, etc. Enough for a small family 2 to 3 days worth of meals. It's a small help to give 100 families a break from worrying about surviving the next couple of days. Check out our Sorting & Bagging video, as we get the groceries prepared and ready for distribution. This is our most popular initiative because of the number of items we give and the number of people those items help. Message us and be part of this initiative!


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Zelle or PayPal:

Got an idea to Help Us Help Them? Message us and share with us what could be a life-altering suggestion. Go to our CONNECT page for the many ways to communicate with us.

Check out our SHOUT OUT! page to check out some of our previous sponsors who has participated in our outreach initiatives. 

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