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We are always searching for ideas to make helping others easier and cheaper. 100for100 focuses on the many ways to help 100 individuals or 100 families for $100. We will constantly update this page as new initiatives develop. Read what we have so far, and send us a message to share your ideas.

100 Meals for 100 Person

Besides distributing the usual goods and groceries, we’ve added a feeding initiative to our monthly community outreach. We can provide ONE person a traditional Filipino meal consisting of ONE cup of rice, side dish or “ulam,” and a bottled water or juice box. All served on a meal container or paper plate plus utensils. It’s an initiative we started early in 2022, and have successfully fed 100 person at a time for $100. That’s $1 per person! But to get the best cost and value, we have to spend $100 through local resources in the Philippines. This project relies heavily on the up-to-date Dollar to Peso currency exchange (As off 3.20.23: $1 to P54.72). We can stretch that dollar to its full potential.


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