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San Miguel Day Care Center

SoCal Filipinos has been supporting our cause for over a year now. They have helped through sponsoring one of the six boxes we ship out every month. Plus sharing our stories and posts in their social media outlet frequented by their thousands of followers. They recently helped us even further by providing $100 to fund our previous community feeding.

Our mission led us to San Miguel Day Care Center in Pasig City where we served Lugaw with Egg and Zesto juice to over 100 students, parents and faculty. Located in a poor area of the city, that one free meal made a difference for a family with a stay-at-home mom and most dads working as tricycle drivers. The facility is funded by the local government, but unlike the public schools in the US, breakfast and lunch is not induced.

$100 providing a meal to over 100 individuals. People in the US have no idea how much we can stretch that amount to help so many back home. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Imagine if we have more. Message us if interested in sponsoring our next feeding event, or any of our donation distribution activities.

Maraming salamat, SoCal Filipinos. Thank you for helping us help them.

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