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Batch22: Calawis

Making our second trip ever to Calawis, we were welcomed not only by the friendly smiles of it’s residence, but also by the presence of the Philippine Army. What has become a familiar site in Calawis, these soldiers with their Armalite Rifles are in the area as an influx of local insurgents have been reported. These protectors in green just happened to be in the town’s newest function hall, and through their generosity, helped us unload our goods and coordinate crowd control as well.

With the sun blazing down, people from neighboring communities were invited to pick up goods we purchased using money from our December fundraiser in the Paskong Pilipino 2022 event by the USA Philippines Business Association. Canned goods, ramen, and powdered milk were handed to 100 families. And with new friend, Katz Buenavides, providing monthly help, 100 kilos of rice were evenly distributed between the families.

As always, a big thank you to all those who helped us in making this distribution a success. We're hoping our new 100for100 initiative will bring in more contributors as we help more people.

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