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Batch20: Salawag Dumpsite


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The Salawag Dumpsite is a place no one would normally find themselves at. It’s where majority of the trash from the Dasmariñas, Cavite vicinity gets disposed at. Deep within the site, a makeshift neighborhood was started by those who found a living out of digging trash for anything they can sell and recycle for P1000 ($18) a week. From whatever they can dig out from the trash, walls and a roof created rooms to separate them from the next family. Most ingenious are the fences made out of mattress springs. Plenty of kids reside in this community with the only kind of life they know. It will be awhile until reality tarnish their innocent minds, revealing a better life beyond the imaginary gates that separates them from the middle and upper class.

We ended 2022 with our anniversary distribution marking our second year since our first community outreach as a Non-Profit Organization. And what better way to celebrate this milestone by collaborating once again with one of our biggest supporters, JollyBox. We all met up at the dumpsite where the people welcomed us with their smile and excitement. Often neglected by the local government, it’s a grand event whenever they have visitors. 1in3out provided the families a bag of clothes, a kilo of rice, and a new pair of slippers. While Jollybox provided soup and sandwich for brunch, and stuffed animals for the kids.

At the end of the day, we successfully gave the people a break from their usual Sunday. The gifts we provided gave them a reason to smile. And we wish that our visit gave them a reason to be hopeful.

Thank you Ateh Madeline and all our friends at Jollybox for guiding and supporting us since the beginning. Looking forward to more collaboration in 2023. Thanks to all the donors and sponsors who made 2022 a success. We wouldn’t be here without your generosity.

***Sometime in our past, someone in our family tree made that one decision. That one move that paved a new path that resulted to more forks on the road of destiny. So how did Kuya Junie end up here in Salawag Dumpsite? Not just to dig through trash for a living, but to live here too. Check out our latest interview to find out more about him. Don't forget to watch the full donation distribution video.

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