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Batch18: San Luis

“Help Us Help Them”

It’s the slogan we’ve lived by since the inception of our organization. On rare occasions, other groups will reach out in an attempt to collaborate in distributing donations. By ourselves, we know what we are capable of. But with the help of others, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. Together with Jollybox, Philippine Medical Association, Kababayanihan, Books for the Barrios, and Kusina on Wheels, we travelled 90 miles south of Manila to San Luis, Bantangas where we provided its residence what we hope is a memorable day.

We showed up with our usual clothes donated by some of our followers from Southern California; Packed inside custom-made bags provided by an anonymous sponsor. We also provided some school supplies we gathered at our Santa Clarita Valley drive earlier this year. Kusina On Wheels provided the pencils and food during the event. The Philippine Medical Association provided on-site check up including blood pressure, blood sugar, and oxygen level checks. Kababayanihan provided kids vitamins that the children of San Luis desperately need.

This is the second time we collaborated with JollyBox, and it’s always an honor to be part of their outreach events. They distributed medicine, gummy bear treats, school supplies and slippers. We also got a preview of their 4th library project with books donated by BOOKS for the BARRIOS. Thank you Jollybox for organizing such an amazing event, and praises to all the organizations involved.

INTERVIEW. Those who truly cares would want everybody else to reach success as well. Let Alejandro here tell you his story.

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