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Batch17: Mobile Distribution IV

For the first time in our organization’s history, one of our Followers joined our donation distribution event. Jo Grefalda-Distrito from Gardena, CA has been following us for over a year. She has previously donated clothes to our cause and has sponsored a box before as well. In her most recent trip to the Philippines, she joined us in our mobile distribution preplanned specially for her visit.

We took Jo around Manila, hitting up new spots and returning to familiar areas we knew frequented by the homeless. She has seen videos of our previous mobile distributions before so she knew what to expect. But actually being there is on a whole different level of experience. She got to ride the van with our dedicated volunteers, go face-to-face with the people that were excited for her gifts, strike a conversation with them, and be in the presence of what they consider as their homes. An avid dog-lover, she got to witness the condition of some of these canines still under the care of people who themselves are having a hard time taking care of their own lives. After the distribution, she took the team out for lunch and left us with a box of clothes she brought with her from America.

Thanks Jo for all the support you’ve provided 1in3out. We hope this has been an eye-opening experience you can share with your

friends and family. We are looking forward to your next visit, and to all the help you’re sending our way.

Special shoutout to all the donors for all the clothes distributed in this event, and the sponsors who covered shipping the boxes. We are nothing without your generosity and kind-hearted willingness to Help Us Help Them.

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