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Batch35: Sitio Tuoy


Raine is one of four first-time volunteers at our most recent outreach. Here is her firsthand account of her day at Sitio Tuoy:

Once more, 1in3out beat the heat and arrived in Sitio Tuoy, Tanay, Rizal. The residents of the community shared with us heartening stories of how they can still be happy and resilient before, during, and after encountering life's storms. The children face challenges in their daily lives as they travel up and down a hill to get to school, as well as having to wake up earlier than usual. The community also encounter difficulties with their water source, which is a kilometer away in the form of a spring called "bukal,” or from rainwater collected in drum barrels.

Hearing some of their stories inspires me a lot:


“Ang daldal na po ma’am ng 2 years old kong apong ito. Ang talino po nya noh?”


This might sounds normal to others but hearing it from them and seeing them say this with a smile, you can really see the hope and happiness in their eyes.


“Ay ma’am salamat po sa Diyos. Kasi yung isa ko pong anak kakagraduate lang po ng Grade 12. Kahit po na sobrang nahirapan po siya at napapagod sa pag akyat at pagbaba.”


It’s inspiring that no matter how hard their lives are on top of the hill, it doesn’t stop them from dreaming. They still have high hopes. Others might complain if they only receive used donated goods, noodles, canned foods and rice. But for them, those are already enough.


“Madaming pangarap ang nawala dahil sa kahirapan at hirap ng buhay, pero hindi ito rason sa pagtigil sa pagkamit ng pangarap at pagpapatuloy sa takbo ng buhay”


As long as you wake up in the morning, you still have a purpose and a life to live.


A big thanks to the people who are willing to extend their help to the unfortunate. Highlighting the hard work and effort put into making this event happen. Your donations and willingness are already a big step in helping to extend hope and happiness.


Help Us Help Them!

Say HELLO to Venice! At only 7 years old, she has become the youngest volunteer to participate in one of 1in3out’s outreach. Joining her mom (her second volunteer work with us) on our recent trip to Sitio Tuoy, this Grade 3 student did everything expected from a volunteer that day: long ride to Rizal, hike under the sun, sort and bag donated goods, and hand them out as well. She even helped with the games prepared for the kids! Although it was her first time on-site with us, Venice and her family have been helping us sort and bag donated goods since she was 4 years old. Last year, she gave our President/Founder the letter posted below telling us one of her goals. Not wasting her time, her first at 7, we look forward to Venice helping more people in the years to come.

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