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Batch33: Sitio Cablao


Plenty has changed since the last time we journeyed to Daraitan. Most of the muddied road we previously hiked are now paved and accessible by any vehicle. Tinipak River now has a bridge, no need to ride those rickety bamboo boats to cross anymore. Our first visit at Daraitan was 30 outreaches ago. At that time, it was the most physically challenging outreach we had. But as this region progressed since then, so did our group. There’s now more of us, we now have more goods to give away, we are more prepared than before.

Part 1 of our latest Daraitain outreach features the journey itself. Beyond the 2-hour drive from Manila, we want to share the beauty and challenges of this area, as we make our return to Sitio Cablao.

Back in February, Tennis Serves Others blessed us with a generous donation, enough to fund an entire outreach. Coinciding with the decision to return to one of our early distribution sites, we made our way back to Sitio Cablao in the mountains of Daraitan. 2 hours outside of Manila, the journey (as seen on Part 1) included an hour trek across partially paved roads and a challenging hike through the beautiful rock formations on Tinipak River.

Last time we were here, it was already dark by the time we started our distribution. The community's lack of electricity forced us to use flashlights and phone lights, preventing us from fully showcasing the sites and sounds of this small community. 30 outreaches later, we find ourselves back to this same community that once welcomed us. We made sure we got there early so we can record everyone’s smiles and cheers. We brought goods provided by our generous sponsors: rice, groceries (canned goods, noodles, coffee, chocolate powder, etc.), hygiene pack (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc), and candies. We also brought 100 cheeseburgers and drinks which is rare to come by in this area unless the people travel down to the city.

Our good friend Aldwin joined us for his first 1in3out outreach. He has been supporting our cause for a while while now with his medication donations. Nice to have a pediatrician with us to give the community some quick consultations on the medications he brought with him to share with everyone. Thanks doc, and hope this is the first of many adventures with our org.

Another successful outreach made possible by our friends in TSO. Thank you TSO for believing in us and providing the help we need to bring joy to the people of Sitio Cablao. Hoping for more of your kind-heartedness and to continue to Help Us Help Them.

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