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Batch30: Good Samaritan


Hi guys! How's everyone doing?


Last time, we went to visit an orphanage in Pasig and it was our first time carrying it out to the orphans. Experiencing their smiles, giggles and becoming superheroes! Click HERE in case you haven't seen it.

As we mark our 30th outreach, we carried our journey to Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Marikina. Another first for 1in3out to share our lives with the elderlies. As many of them needs to be assisted in feeding, bathing, taking up their meds and so much more. Creating meaningful connections with children and elderlies was a heartwarming experience. Encouraging the younglings to share their enthusiasm and curiosity, while the oldies offer a wealth of stories and life's best advice.

When we hear the word nursing home, a disheartening truth emerges, stories of abandonment and neglect within the facility. This interview seeks to spark awareness and drive change as we work towards creating a brighter, more compassionate future for those who reside in these crucial care facilities.

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