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Batch29: Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

Embracing hope and becoming heroes.

A visit to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home, an orphanage in Pasig, filled our hearts with warmth and compassion. Surrounded by resilient smiles, we witnessed the strength of these incredible children. Each room echoed with laughter and shared dreams.


We want these children to feel that anyone can be a super hero! Besides the super hero theme, the masks was to cover their identities and protect their privacy.


In the children's eyes, we saw determination and potential, instead of despair. Together, we created moments of joy, painting a canvas of love and understanding.


The orphanage is not just a shelter, it's a sanctuary of resilience. Where bonds are forged, dreams are nurtured, and the spirit of kindness prevails. Surprising them with Jollibee food boxes, Sack of rice, canned goods, school bags some treats and snacks.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors for their invaluable support, which has been instrumental in making our project/event a resounding success.

Life in "Tahanan" orphanage is a tapestry of resilience and shared moments.

Within its walls, children find a surrogate family, weaving bonds that transcend blood. Daily routines, marked by communal meals and collaborative chores, foster a sense of unity. Despite the absence of biological ties, laughter echoes through shared spaces, creating a refuge of solace. The orphanage becomes a mosaic of diverse stories.

Caregivers provide not just sustenance but emotional support, cultivating a nurturing environment. In "Tahanan" orphanage, hope and companionship stitch together the fabric of a surrogate home, proving that family is not defined by birth, but by shared experiences.

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