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GrailsLife: Sitio Tibag

We have partnered up with GrailsLife for a unique and different kind of distribution. GrailsLife is an online-based group of shoe collectors raffling and selling collectible kicks in their private Facebook group (invite only). They are also known to host fundraisers to provide for various Southern California non-profit organizations such as the Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House. “Together we can all make a difference.” With such slogan, a collaboration with them is bound to happen.

GrailsLife held a fundraiser last December that collected $1355 for 1in3out. That’s enough to fully fund a community outreach tailored specially for the kicks-theme lifestyle of GrailsLife and its members. 100 pairs of customized rain boots and 100 relief bags were distributed to some of our kababyans in Sitio Tibag, a small town in Montalban, Rizal. A little over an hour east of Manila. The boots came printed with GrailsLife’s logo. Eco-friendly bags were also printed with our logos and a bible verse. Each bag contained 2 kilos of rice, 4 packs of ramen noodles, 3 cans of corned beef, 1 can of sardines, 10 packs of coffee and 5 packs of chocolate powder.

Another successful distribution in the books! We would like to thank GrailsLife for this amazing project. To all its members and those who participated in the fundraiser, rest assure that every cent went to a worthy cause. We hope this is the first of many collaborations between our organizations, and set an example to others who would wants to “Help Us Help Them.”


DISCLAIMER: 1in3out is not affiliated with any political or religious group. We strive to help those who are in real need of assistance, regardless of their religious beliefs and political stance. We rely heavily on our contact’s recommendations on who these donations will be given to. Our contact is in charge of deciding who will receive these donated items through a ticketing system. All distributed items and the distribution itself are sponsored and paid for by generous individuals from the US. All work done in the Philippines is performed willingly by our hard-working volunteers.

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