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Batch8: Calawis

1in3out returns to the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain to meet another tribe of the Dumagats. Instead of visiting them in their Punduhan like last time, a generous sponsor offered their property instead as the distribution site for Batch 8. A long-awaited plan much delayed for months by the region’s quarantine rules.


As promised to the their coordinator, once the quarantine restrictions are off, we head 21km outside Manila to Purok 6, Calawis - a small town in Antipolo, Rizal. The mountainous terrain was challenging, but still a far cry to what truly besets the reality of the tribe, where kerosene lamps and candles are still the primary light source after the sun goes down.


We were welcomed by mostly women recipients as we learned that most of the men would work as farmers, vendors, traders or construction workers even on a Sunday to provide food for their families. The women with eyes beaming with joy as they would mumble “salamat po" for every bag of clothes. And hoping the hearty meal we provide will energize them in their long trek home. This distribution also includes the first set of Hanes underwear donated by an anonymous friend last August.

With the mountains behind us seemingly watching over the distribution, we saw the Dumagats' resilience and adaptability that inspired us to do more and give more. We will try to remain stronger and hopeful that we can help more tribes and communities in the country. 1in3out extends our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers, donors, coordinators and sponsors for making this endeavor possible. MARAMING SALAMAT!

***We added a THANK YOU follow-up video sent by Reekah, our contact for this event who has been communicating with us for awhile now. She helped us a lot with the planning and day-of tasks of this distribution, and deserves a big credit for the day's success. We should be thanking her instead!

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