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Batch16: Sibol

Batch16 takes us back to San Mateo, Rizal in the small town of Barangay Sibol, not far from the previous spots we’ve visited before. We’ve partnered with the AMINGS for the third time to survey surrounding areas, in the attempt of helping as many people as we can.

Sibol, like the many communities in San Mateo, thrives with small hustles here and there. Vegetables and poultry guarantees an income and food to eat, same with fishing in a river an hour away. The simplicity of life brings out the humility and humbleness of the people. They know their lives are tough and any help is welcomed and appreciated. You can see it in the smiles of the kids as they were handed a shirt. Or the adults as they accept bags of clothes they can take back home to their families.

We’ve assigned the AMINGS the feeding part of the distribution and they provided the recipients a delicious serving of pancit. Once again, the AMINGS have proven themselves to be a very dedicated group who enjoys what they’re doing. 1in3out is thankful to be part of your community, and we’re glad we’ve established a joint effort to better serve your people.

As always, this event’s success is due to the donation and sponsorship of many people from the US. Together with the AMINGS and other local assistance, we managed to help over 100 families that day. We are nothing without the generosity of many people. Looking forward to more kindness, and to help us help them. Maraming Salamat!

B16 Interview

$5.35! That’s how much Kuya Wilfredo makes in a day fetching water for the families of Sibol. Or $3.50 by catching a kilo of fish he has to catch himself in a river an hour away. Check out the rest of our interview, and don’t forget to watch the full distribution video. 

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