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Batch14: Mobile Distribution III

In the last year of his short 31 year life, Brian continued to be the caring and loving person we always knew him for. He was one of 1in3out’s top sponsors for 2021 together with his partner, Paul. Our last conversation was full of hope and a promising future, sharing with us his desire to help the organization even more. Coincidentally, his last sponsored box is part of this batch we used for our 3rd mobile distribution.

We set out to the streets of Manila, Parañaque and Pasay knowing that this distribution holds a heavier burden in our hearts. With Brian in our minds, we wanted to make sure that his last set of gifts reach those who truly needs them. The poorest of the poor. The homeless. The beggars and panhandlers. Struggling and thriving to survive the whole day, everyday. Not hard to find them in the heart of the country’s capital. A familiar site that we’ve learned to ignore. If only we have more to give, and more time to give.


These strangers are thanking a name but will never know the man himself. But they will always remember the day that a Brian Hernandez from Seattle, WA gave them some new clothes. Brian was not just a big supporter of our organization, he was also family. In the 1in3out family, one’s brother is everyone’s brother. We all share the grief from his early demise, and together pay our respect and honor the life of a great man the best way we know how.

We love you, Brian! Thank you for helping us help them.

BATCH14 INTERVIEW. Occasionally waking up with food beside him left by strangers he’ll never get to thank, Kuya Johnny still manages to scrounge a meal to survive his daily life. At least we know there are others out there who are helping homeless people like him. Being homeless means not caring much for the passing time as the days turns into years after leaving his hometown. Unsure of how long he has been in Manila after his initial job as a construction worker ended, he waits for random jobs offered by surrounding businesses. He decided not to move back to his parents who could still be wondering what happened to their son. So he finds a shaded spot away from the Philippine heat, or the strong typhoons that hit the country a couple of times a year. Kuya Johnny is one of the many street dwellers we helped that day. A rare time he gets to talk to someone who left him some clothes and food.

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