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Batch13: Sitio Lucban

1in3out’s Batch 13 Donation Distribution took us to Sitio Lucban, a small community of 67 families that still relies on solar power and car batteries for light and electricity. A community so small that the name doesn’t register in Google Maps. It lies within San Mateo, inside the province of Rizal, close to a 2-hour drive from Manila.

Along the way, we passed by Sitio Ibayo: the site of our very first donation distribution and our most recent visit to celebrate that anniversary. The path was dusty, far from the muddy trek we had before. The sun was blazing, different from the cloudy weather the community has welcomed us twice previously. Signs of vegetations around the receding Marikina River bring signs of prosperity, plus a wooden bridge made crossing easier than riding a boat. The joyful site of the kids swimming on the same river that once ravaged this land when Typhoon Ulysses made landfall in 2020.

The people of Sitio Lucban, besides welcoming us with their friendly smiles, showed discipline and patience. They understood the importance of still wearing a mask when welcoming strangers to their neighborhood. And despite the excitement, tried their best in social distancing. The kids were shy but intrigued, with some winning extra gifts from a make-up dance contest. Of course, the adults got into their competitive mode as well for some donated bags and purses. Overall, it was a fun and successful distribution made possible with the help of some new friends.

We were introduced to Lola Dominga, one of the locals who suffered from a stroke three years ago who now spends most of her days in bed or on a wheelchair. Due to the poverty in the region, her family can only afford to provide minimal help to make her life comfortable. As requested, we gave her a couple months supply of adult diapers. A small gift from 1in3out but definitely a big help to her and her family. We’ll check back with Lola Dominga later on this year.

For this mission, we requested the assistance of the AMINGS, a group of kind-hearted local humanitarians whose goal is to provide various voluntary services for the development of, not just their own community, but of the surrounding areas as well. They aim to create positive changes and influential impact all around. We give credit to the AMINGS for the success of this distribution. All their planning, coordination and hospitality to cater to our ideas has led to a collaboration and friendship that people of San Mateo will benefit from in the future. Maraming salamat, AMINGS!


***We've added our interview video with the AMINGS and one of the local donation recipients, Ateh Rosalie. Get to know some of the personalities of Sitio Lucban

We would like to thank everyone who has donated and sponsored to make this event a success. From the donors who provided all the clothes, the sponsors who helped pay for shipping the boxes, and the volunteers from AMINGS. The event became easier once we found people who shares the same goal as us. On to the next mission!

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