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Batch31: Sitio Tilagaan


San Mateo, Rizal is just a heartbeat away from Metro Manila. However, it takes several hours to reach the town due to the worsening traffic conditions the surrounding cities experience.

Celebrating our organization’s anniversary, we gave some love to more than 80 families in Sitio Tilagaan. Hand in hand with the Amings, our partners in San Mateo who has been supporting our cause for awhile now. We have been doing humanitarian collaborations with them, making sure that donations are being distributed to families that needs them.

We gave grocery packs containing canned sardines and meatloaf, instant noodles, instant coffee & rice. For the children, we gave different sweets, ready to eat meals and box of cookies and juice.

Once again we wouldn’t have an anniversary to celebrate, and we wouldn’t be able to reach more families without or sponsors. We would like to extend our warmest THANK YOU for trusting and believing our cause. Maraming maraming salamat po!

A large and interconnected family, enriched with many children and grandchildren, creates joy and shared experiences.

Meet Ate Rheya, the President on Sitio Tilagaan, a small area community in Rizal consisting of 80+ families. Most of the residents here are relatives amongst themselves so its really easiy to work with each other, supporting each other and having each others backs. The richness of relationships we found here fosters a sense of unity, with each member contributing to the vibrant mosaic of family life. This is what Sitio Tilagaan is all about.

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