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Batch28: Mobile Distribution V

Homeless in the Philippines.

Unlike in the US, government support for the homeless is very limited. No tax benefits or resources. A few fundraisers. Scarce housing programs and no soup kitchens. The poorest of the poor in a third-world country known for corruption and poverty, these homeless rely heavily on the generosity of those walking-by, who has grown accustomed to their presence.

On side walks and alleys. Under stitched tarps or on flattened cardboard boxes. Begging for food or money. Taking refuge where darkness or exhaustion led them to. Only to wake up next day and re-live an eternal loop of poverty and hardship. Some are on their own. Others with families. We saw a couple and their young baby, with the mother visibly pregnant. There was a young girl tethered to a pole inside a tent, with an obvious sign of mental illness. Some with physical disabilities and uncared medical conditions.

We started our fifth Mobile Distribution in China Town by Binondo Church, an area known for it’s many businesses and side hustles. And ending our day at Roxas Blvd. near Rizal Park and Bay Walk surrounded by historic tourist spots. Unlike our usual monthly outreach in small communities, our mobile distributions takes us to the streets and be close and upfront with the people we are helping. As with our previous mobile distributions, this experience was quite an emotional revelation.

We handed them food and drinks. Ethika undies for the kids. Hanes undies for the women. 7 Sprayer hats. We want to give them hope. And at least 1 meal they don’t have to worry about.

As always, our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors who made this outreach a success.

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