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Batch6: Rosario, Cavite

1in3out’s Batch 6 donation distribution is one for the books as we became the first organization to conduct humanitarian aid to the Samahang Magdaragat.

We made our way to Barangay Muzon 1 in Rosario, Cavite, along the coastlines of Manila Bay, the hometown of this group consisting of local fishermen. Welcoming another organization was a new experience for most of them, especially strangers bearing gifts from abroad.

We coordinated with the Barangay Captain and group president to gather up members inside a hall. The men and women of the group filled the small room with their big, warm smiles as they welcome us with anticipation for the distribution.

The Philippines has the world's longest discontinuous coastline, where the fishing industry in a small town like Rosario has always been the main source of food and livelihood. Already facing problems with overfishing and water pollution, the pandemic has made life a little bleak for this town. They set sail early in the morning or leave net traps at night with the hope of a good catch to bring back to their families. With luck, they would sell their catch to the local market or fish port. Sadly, the quarantine made the industry scarce, and they have to make ends meet some other way.

With the combined efforts of the US and Philippine members of 1in3out, we gave donated clothes to 126 fishermen and their families. Hoping we set their sails to a brighter view of hope, and that things can get better soon. And surprisingly, after the distribution, they prepared us lunch consisting of rice and crabs. Despite most Filipinos' current living condition, appreciation towards generosity remains an unquestionable trait.

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors for being the bouy that lift and keeps us afloat. We are looking forward to the next mission. Message us if you can donate, sponsor or join us in the next distribution. Help us help them. Maraming Salamat!

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